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The largest country in South America is definitely a land of contrasts. Brazil offers an incredible diversity of ecosystems, as well as a blend of cultures and lifestyles. Do not miss the carnival in Rio, one of the biggest and liveliest popular celebrations in the world, and Brazil's many unique creations like Samba, Bossa Nova, Capoeira and Caipirinha! Brazil is ideal for people who want to take a vacation to discover, learn and enjoy the ultimate tropical destination.


Brazil offers many types of tours that you can combine to make the perfect getaway: exotic nature, endless jungle cruises, cosmopolitan cities, rich culture and pristine beaches.


Many sites have been declared World Heritage Site for their natural and cultural interest. For example, the historic centers of Sao Luis, Salvador da Bahia, Ouro Preto and Olinda and Iguazu and Pantanal National Parks.

The biodiversity in the Amazon and Pantanal regions is infinite. In fact, there are yet many species to be discovered, and for that, an effort must be made to preserve them. Travel to Brazil to discover nature's unlimited magnificence and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime!

Vacations in Brazil...where life is lived to the fullest. Enquire for tailor made travel packages specializing in luxury, beach, honeymoon, family or nature trips. Guaranteed: A holiday you won't forget!

Travel to the Amazon's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of taking a vacation to Brazil...and no wonder! It's the largest rainforest in the world, and offers an unimaginable quantity of wildlife tours and cruises. Nowhere else there are so many unique species of birds, mammals, insects and plants. Ideal for bird watching, hiking and boat tours on the Amazon River, definitely a location not to be missed by any traveler during their holidays and vacations.
Travel to Manaus Brazil, in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, where the rivers Negro and Amazon meet. This busy city is the capital of the Amazon State, and the gateway to the jungle!

For the serious naturalist, a tour to the Pantanal Brazil is essential. This is the world's largest freshwater wetland. In the dry season, when the waters retreat, an incredible amount of birds and mammals come to feed and breed, and so this place is ideal for bird watching and wildlife photography. When the rains come and the Pantanal floods, the aquatic diversity is infinite, making it a great spot for fishing trips.

Travel and take a tour to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, the most impressive highlight of Brazil. The falls mark the border with Argentina, but from the Brazilian side, there's a better view of the "Devil's Throat", the most remarkable cliff. The cascades range from 210-270 feet (60-80 m) in height, and the whole system goes along 1,7 miles (2,7 km) of the Iguazú River. Truly a visit to one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world will be a grand experience!

There are plenty of beach travel options in Brazil, so choose as many as you like! Among these is Vacations in Florianopolis Brazil, an island in the southern Santa Catarina state. Excellent destination if you're looking for relaxation, beach time and lively night life. Other attractions include waterfalls, whale watching, lagoons, and sand dunes.

Ouro Preto Brazil is located in the Minas Gerais area, and it's its main colonial city...and a very beautiful one!
Travel northeast, the well-known Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is located. Its most famous beaches are Ipanema and Copacabana, and its most important landmarks are the "Palo de Azucar" (or Sugarloaf as called in English) and Corcovado mountains. The Palo de Azucar is a granite and quartz mountain peak, easily accessible to tourists by a cable car. In Corcovado lies the recently declared Wonder of the World: the statue of Christ the Reedemer. < BR> Book well in advance if you travel in its carnival time, the biggest celebration of the year! To experience a vacation to this iconic city is definitely worth the while.

Continuing along the coast, you can enjoy a vacation in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil's third most populated city. Its cultural and architectural richness make it an important and historical landmark. Afro-Brazilian culture makes this city especially interesting for tourists, as well as its gastronomy, water sports and nearby beaches, like Praia do Forte, Costa de Sauipe, Morro de Sao Paulo, Farol da Barra and Imbassai.

Vacations at Maceia region, an excellent location for some beach holidays, with quiet natural settings to do daily tours, great food and local artisans. Beaches like Punta Verde and Pajucara are ideal for swimming or for water sports, whereas Jatiuca¡ and Cruz de las Almas are great for surfing.

Travel to Recife in Brazil, located in the northeastern part, is one of Brazil's cultural centers. The city has many rivers, canals and bridges, which makes it scenically interesting. Travel nearby Olinda, a colonial jewel worth the visit for its beautiful construction. Also, do not miss and travel to Porto de Galinhas Beach, considered to be Brazil's best beach.

Other beaches well worth taking a vacation are Natal and Pipa, in the Rio Grande do Norte region. Both locals and tourists find this to be one of the nicest and safest locations!

Fernando de Noronha in Brazil is a group of 21 islands that make up the best scuba diving tour destination in Brazil. You can travel by air from Natal and Recife, this is a rustic and unspoiled location perfect for naturalist travelers.

Fortaleza Brazil is a diverse, modern and lively city with many beach destinations in its vicinities. Enjoy a vacation and holidays at the attractive beach of Jericoacoara, with its sand dunes, reefs and rock patterns, and Canoa Quebrada, a tranquil beach with lots of tours and activities to do during day and night.


Sao Luis Brazil was originally founded by the French. For its small size, colonial style and merge of cultures, it deserves a stopover! Be sure to travel to Lenois-Marahenses National Park, unique and outstandingly beautiful with its sand dunes and blue and green lagoons!

Brasilia, the country's capital was built in 1960, which makes it a very new and modern city. It was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We have short city tour packages to discover this wonderful city.

Last but not least, Sao Paulo Brazil. It's South America's largest city, the most populated city in Brazil and the largest commercial and industrial center. Filled with trendy clubs and shopping malls, it's a land of contrasts. Come and discover this multi cultural city with our short city tour packages!

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