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Colombia is a great country to travel to for its culture, people, nature, tours and activities. You'll find there's pretty much everything to do: from high adrenaline rafting tours and demanding hikes in the Andes, to relaxing hot springs and tranquil Coffee Haciendas.


Several sites in Colombia have been declared World Heritage Site for their natural or cultural interest: San Agustin Archaeological Park, the old port and fortresses in Cartagena, Los Katos National Park and the National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro, among others. You can travel to one or more of these interesting sites in one of our vacation packages.


Colombia produces the best coffee in the world, and there is much to learn about this popular beverage here; especially in the Colombian National Coffee Park, a theme park entirely dedicated to the drink and the bean it's made from.

The famous beaches on the Caribbean side of Colombia are just paradise...perfect for a relaxing vacation, swimming or for a romantic holiday!

For naturalists and birdwatchers, Colombia is heaven, as the country boasts an impressive diversity of over 1800 birds... quite a unique characteristic.


Come for your Colombian vacation, and learn, live and experience nature and culture in a purely tropical setting. Contact our travel agents for tailor made travel packages to Colombia; whether it's a honeymoon,a family trip, or luxury holiday, there's something special and right for you in Colombia!


On the Caribbean side of Colombia, the famous Cartagena is a lovely colonial beach community known for its superb crystal clear shores. Some of the best beaches are Boquilla, Manzanillo, Playa Blanca, and the beaches of Rosario Islands, which is also a National Park. Water sports such as snorkeling and diving are tours available in this destination, as well as plenty of entertainment and night life!

The city also has historical and archeological value, mainly for its Spanish fortresses.


Vacations in Santa Marta, Colombia's oldest city, and it's the gateway to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park. The city is attractive to tourists for its historical center, but there are many things to see nearby. The Sierra Nevada includes Colombia's highest peak: Cristobal Colon. It also has historical value, as it was home to the ancient Tayrona culture.

Tayrona National Park is a nature haven with its blend of beautiful sand beaches and cliffs. It offers ecotourism activities such as snorkeling, diving tours, hiking and wildlife viewing.


Vacations in San Andres, one of Colombia most popular Caribbean destinations; it offers culture, music, gastronomy, lively night life, amazing beaches and beach related activities and tours. The archipelago is made up of three main islands: San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina. The last two are secluded and deserted...perfect if you just want to get away from everything!


Travel to Villa de Leyva Colombia, a colonial town said to be one of the prettiest in Colombia. Its main spot is the plaza, surrounded by beautiful buildings with their balconies and doorways. Many important locations are to be found in and around Villa de Leyva: museums, churches, a Kronosaurius fossil, Iguaque Sanctuary, known for its lagoons, flora and fauna, and Monquira¡ Archeological Park.


Vacations in Bogota Colombia¡ the country's capital. Like all large cities, it offers many cultural activities and architectural landmarks of historical significance for Colombia. 

Relatively close to Bogota, visitors can take a tour to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. This is the most impressive modern marvel in Colombia, and it well deserves a visit. The church was constructed inside a salt mine and its most impressive feature is its various carvings in the salt tunnels.


Travel to Armenia Colombia, west of Bogota, it is a very important tourist destination and coffee region. The National Coffee Park theme park pays tribute to this invigorating beverage, and offers many coffee related tours as well as adventurous attractions.


Close to Armenia, Los Nevados National Park, formed by several snowy peaks, it is one of the most beautiful locations in Colombia. The highlights of the park are its five mountain peaks: Quindao, Santa Isabel, Cisne, Nevado Del Ruiz and Nevado Del Tolima, as well as its glacial lagoons, waterfalls and hot springs. Things to do here include: horseback riding, fishing, hiking expeditions and trekking tours.


Continuing south along the Andes of Colombia, San Agustin is well known for being the most important precolombian archeological site in the country. The site was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here you can find tombs and monuments that belonged to various ancient cultures that used to live in this location of Colombia.


Travel to Popayan Colombia known as the "White City", and it's known to be one of Colombia's most traditional cities. It's a cultural and intellectual cradle, as well as an architectural gem, with many churches and monuments.


Nearby, Puracá National Park is located. Here lays the Puracá Volcano, providing the area with beautiful landscape, waterfalls and hot springs. It's important for its highland flora and fauna.


On the Pacific side of Colombia, in the Choco Region, you'll find the traditional and well-preserved town of Nuqui. Here you'll enjoy nature at its best...trails, birds, waterfalls and amazing marine life, all amidst superb tropical ecosystems. Nearby, great surfing, whale watching and scuba diving tours are also available!

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