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Travel Packages : A Country of Endemic Marvels

Ever thought of taking a cruise to Galapagos, a trekking trip to the Andes, or a nature tour in the Amazon jungle? There's a country in the center of the world where you can do it all: Ecuador.


 Ecuador is crossed by the Andes, giving its privileged highland scenery with snowy peaks, volcanoes and lovely towns and cities among its slopes. This makes Ecuador a trekking and climbing paradise. For relaxation, travel to one of the beautiful Haciendas and Hosterias located throughout the mountain range.


When you travel to the Northern Andes in Ecuador, you'll find the highest volcanoes in the country: Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. The Cotopaxi is the second highest active volcano of the world. This volcano is part of Cotopaxi National Park, and it's also attractive for its wildlife, vegetation and lagoons. Chimborazo's summit is Ecuador highest mountain, and it's also the farthest point from the centre of the Earth. For sure one of the best spots in the Andes for climbing, trekking and mountain activities and tours!

The best known destination to travel and take a cruise  in Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands, made famous by Darwin's travels in 1835, and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The most amazing aspect of taking several cruises to the islands is their wildlife. Endemic creatures such as giant turtles, marine iguanas, and many bird species such as blue footed boobies, flightless cormorants, penguins, finches and mockingbirds make this a dream come true for any naturalist. The Galapagos are a must for those interested in scuba diving cruises and snorkeling, as its coasts are bursting with marine life.


Vacations in Otavalo Ecuador, a traditional town north of Quito, famous for its market, where you will find many types of craftwork and other traditional products. Also, there are many natural, cultural travel packages and urban tourist attractions available in its surroundings, like churches, museums, lagoons, biking, hiking and shaman rituals. Nearby, Ibarra and Imbabura are famous for their handicrafts in iron and wood, and their traditional culinary delights.


Take a travel package to Cotacachi Ecuador, an area with rich diversity and lots of activities, comprising a Natural Reserve and a volcano; it's most valuable for its isolated location and wildlife haven.


Travel to Quito Ecuador, the nation's capital, where it lays the largest and well preserved historical center of South America. There are many architectural landmarks of interest like churches, monasteries, plazas and theatres. The city is located in a valley, so its mountainous surroundings give it a special sheltered feel.


 Many interesting tours and travel packages are found in its vicinity: for example the Middle of the World Monument, located 30 minutes from Quito. Other small towns of interest like Cayambe, Mindo, Rumiahui and Santo Domingo are located within one hour and a half of the city.


In the small city of Baños, lots of exciting adventure tours, cruises, and travel packages awaits you. Baños is located in a valley in between volcanoes and national parks. Sangay and Llanganates national parks form a biological corridor for many unique species. The closest volcano is Tungurahua, an active and easy to hike volcano. Exciting tours, cruises, and travel packages are possible here include: rafting tours, canoeing,cruises, horseback riding, rappelling and kayaking. But there are relaxing activities as well, such as hot springs, spas, parks and museums.


In the Southern Andes Ecuador, the Riobamba and Alausi are cultural and historical small cities of interest worth the visit on your vacation. A perfect way to enjoy Riobamba and its nearby views is the famous train ride to the "Devil's Nose".


The colonial city of Cuenca in Ecuador is thought by many Ecuadorians to be the most beautiful city in the country for its historical heritage, pleasant weather and peacefulness. Many adventure tours and travel packages are available here, like rock climbing, biking and trekking. Also, this place is full of archeological interest, as nearby there are several ruin complexes: Pumapungo, Molleturo & Cojitambo, Pachamama and Ingapirca. The latter is the most important archeological center in Ecuador.


Vacations in Guayaquil, Ecuador's most populated city, main port and it's where the main industrial activities take place. The city offers both modern and rural sides, so it's definitely a city you must travel and see!


Travel to La Isla de la Plata Ecuador, a scuba diving paradise awaits you. The island is part of Machalilla National Park, and it's a sanctuary for several species of marine birds. Activities available are dolphin and whale watching, hiking and of course snorkeling, and diving cruises!


Vacations in the Amazon region in Ecuador, or Oriente as called in Ecuador, a rainforest adventure is the best choice for naturalists. Rustic accommodations are available here, as well as cultural exchanges with local indigenous people. Regions within the equatorial Amazon include Napo, Coca and Sucumbaos.


Make the most of your holiday by traveling to all the different settings that Ecuador has to offer. Ecuador has something special to offer for honeymoons, family trips, and luxury travel. We'll be glad to plan your travel package to this lovely country.


For a memorable vacation, travel to Ecuador and experience all its wonders!

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