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Nicaragua is not yet as touristy as other travel destinations, giving you the chance to explore it quite peacefully. With many activities and tours to choose from, it's perfect for a vacation that combines adventure, scenery, wildlife and relaxation.


A beach vacation along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua is a great option! Among the activities and tours to choose from, there's hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, fishing and wildlife viewing. Not to mention the unique scenery provided by its many volcanoes and lakes...that's what Nicaragua is better known for!


The colonial towns and cities make this an attractive destination for those looking for history and reminiscence of times gone by.


Since the best locations are located in close proximity, in just a few days you'll see the highlights, making it perfect to combine with other Central America travel destinations like Costa Rica. Renting a car in Nicaragua is an excellent option, as it will allow the flexibility you need to stay and see as much as you like!


For custom made travel packages to Nicaragua, contact our travel experts to plan the vacation getaway of your dreams. Nicaragua is perfect for family holidays, honeymoons, adventure tours and nature trips. You have a lot to learn and see in your vacation to this tranquil tropical destination that is Nicaragua!


Vacations in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua, a laidback town located in Rivas, in the South Pacific part of the country. It used to be a fishermen's village, but now tourism is its main activity. The beautiful beaches nearby are sought by surfers and local families. 


Nearby Morgan's Rock, an ecological beach hotel is a perfect spot for couples looking for a romantic and private vacation getaway.


Travel Packages to Granada Nicaragua, the most charming colonial city in the country, it is located along the banks of Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca, as called in Nahuatl. It's delightful to walk in its streets, admiring the colorful houses, monuments and churches. The enormous lake (second largest in Latin America) has the only population of fresh water sharks in the world. From Granada, it's possible to take a tour to the famous "Isletas". There are over 350 small volcanic islets and islands in the lake, and the larger and most important ones are Ometepe and Zapatera. The latter has archeological importance, as it comprises pre-Columbian sculptured rock statues.


In Ometepe Island Nicaragua, there are two volcanoes: Madera and Concepcion, though only the second is active. These are excellent locations for hiking and trekking tours , as well as wildlife viewing.


The lush Solentiname Archipelago, in the southernmost part of the Lake is also of importance for its natural setting and for being home to many tropical species.


Close to Granada Nicaragua, Mombacho Volcano is located. It was declared a natural reserve for the protection of many important flora and fauna species that only remain here. It's also a great spot for hiking tours and for lovely scenic views of the islets.


Located between Granada and Managua is Masaya, famous for its extensive market that's especially attractive for tourists for its handicrafts. Here, the accessible Masaya Volcano is also a major attraction. This volcano was the first natural area made Natural Park in Nicaragua.

Nearby, the beautiful Apoyo Lagoon is a definite must. Enjoy the view from La Catarina view point, or take a dip in the lake...the water is known for its soothing effect!


Vacations in Managua Nicaragua, the country's capital, it features many art and entertainment options. It's conveniently located close by to many of Nicaragua's most important tourist destinations. Montelimar beach is one of them, a beautiful beach perfect for relaxation and to get away from the busy city!


North of Managua, Leon Nicaragua is the country's second largest city, and it bears important cultural, historical and colonial legacy, featuring monuments, churches and art. A quite unique activity develops in nearby Cerro Negro Volcano: sand skiing, also called volcano surfing!


Close by, Leon Viejo is the only location in Nicaragua declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The old city was one of the first Spanish settlements in America, and it was abandoned in the 17th century due to major damage caused by Momotombo volcano's eruption. The city was then moved to its actual location. The ruins are of key importance to Nicaragua's archeological history.


Accessible from Leon, there are two very different locations that you don't want to miss: Los Hervideros de San Jacinto are Nature's proof that the Earth is as alive beneath and above the surface: boiling mud pools and steaming geysers will amaze you with its power. 


The beaches of Poneloya and Las Peñitas are excellent relaxation points, as well as entry gates to visit the interesting Juan Venado Island Reserve, rich in mangrove flora and fauna species. Here, boat or kayak tours will allow you to presence this unique tropical environment.


The highland locations of Matagalpa Nicaragua and Jinotega are well worth the visit for its calm country side setting. The region offers an opportunity to learn about the local cattle farms and coffee plantations, as well as other mountain activities and tours such as bird watching, hiking and horseback riding.


On the untouched and unexplored Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, The Corn Islands await you with beach activities such as snorkeling, diving and fishing tours, or just swimming in one of the turquoise beaches like Picnic Center Beach. Bluefields Nicaragua is the gateway to the islands, a laidback town boasting with a blend of Caribbean cultures.

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