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Panama is a lively country, with an undoubtedly strong Caribbean influence. With warm tropical weather and friendly people, Panama makes an excellent vacation holiday for anyone! 


A beach vacation in Panama is a dream came true for those looking for turquoise waters and calm beaches! Travel to Panama and learn about its multicultural population, and witness the contrast between the busy, modern city and the laidback towns and villages throughout the country.


There are many destinations in Panama that are truly worth to see!


Bocas Del Toro Panama is a beautiful archipelago located on the North Caribbean side.


You won't want to leave its inviting crystal clear waters and sand beaches. 


Colon Panama is the main island, and it's where you can find most restaurants, hotels and shops. Also, it's the only one where cars are found! On the opposite side of Bocas Del Toro town, Boca Del Drago and Swans Cay are the best natural attractions on this island.


Vacations in Bastimentos, which makes part of a National Park, is a very attractive island for nature lovers. In this island, it's suggested to take hike tours in its natural trails or visit the Ngobe native village. The national park comprises Zapatillas Keys, a paradise for diving tours and snorkeling in its colorful choral reef. 


Activities and tours available on the islands are snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking, dolphin watching, bird watching and swimming.


Also on the Caribbean coast, the islands of San Blas in Panama are a natural and cultural encounter. The Kuna people inhabit this island in the same way they have for centuries. They preserve all the traditions inherited by their people: language, clothing, music, and the famous handicrafts: molas. 
Culture, great beaches and aquatic activities and tours await you in San Blas Archipelago!


On the Pacific Coast, the famous Contadora Panama is part of the Pearl Islands. This vacation destination is just a 15 minutes flight or one hour boat ride away from Panama City. Here, you'll be able to enjoy wonderful beaches, hotels, and resorts with all the comforts you deserve!


Vacations in Playa Blanca Panama, as described by its name, is a long white sand beach that's located along Panama's Pacific Coast, a bit over an hour away from the city. This hotel and beach resort is ideal for a stress free all inclusive vacation! Other beaches around the area are Santa Clara, Rio Mar, Coronado, Gorgona and Punta Chame. 


Travel to Portobelo Panama, now a small town, used to be an important silver and gold trade point a few centuries ago. The ruins of old Spanish fortresses remain, and for that historical value, this port was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Take a tour to Panama Canal near Panama city, of huge importance for the modern day international shipping industry. Constructed over 100 years ago, surely it has contributed greatly to the country's development. 

The Panama canal is surrounded by carefully preserved tropical forests. The western side is protected by Soberania National Park, which encloses a botanical garden and a zoo. 


Travel to Colon Panama, on the Atlantic entrance to the canal, it is important for its Free Trade Zone.


Vacations in Panama City, an attraction on its own, as it offers a variety of settings and architecture: a very modern skyline, modern hotels and a colonial Old Quarter, or Casco Viejo. 


There are several interesting locations that can be visited as day trips or tours from Panama City: the Embera indigenous village, the Canal Tour, the Smithsonian's Marine Exhibition Center, Gatun Lake, Soberania National Park, some beaches and the picturesque El Valle in Panama (Valle de Anton) with its fertile, lush lands and its Sunday Market. In the latter, many exciting activities and tours are available, such as hiking, biking and rappelling.


Vacations in David, it is Chiriqui's province main conurbation and the country's third largest city. Cattle farming and agriculture are the region's main activity, and the city offers all the services that can be expected in a large city. 
This is the gateway for tourist attractions such as Boquete, Baru Volcano and Cerro Punta.


Travel to Boquete Panama, a beautiful country side town, located amidst fertile valleys. Here, coffee and flowers are grown, and along with tourism, are the main economical activities. The region is well known for its flower and coffee festivals, and for its pleasant climate: cool and sunny. 

Activities and tours in the area include: bird watching, hiking in the cloud forest, climbing Cerro Punta, horseback riding, and white water rafting in Chiriqui; Grande River. Trekking Baru Volcano, Panama's highest peak is a very popular activity. On clear days, both oceans can be seen from the volcano's summit!


In the central Pacific, El Caño Archeological Park is located. This important site features a temple, sculptures and ceramic pieces from pre-Columbian cultures. It's possible to visit this site from the fast growing city of Chitra.


Enquire to our travel agents about our vacation & travel packages to Panama, and get to know a country full of color, culture and nature. Whether it's a group tour or self drive package, Panama is ideal for honeymoons, family vacations, luxury getaways and nature and adventure oriented trips! Your Panama vacation will be an unforgettable one!

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